Aluminum PC Laptop CPU Radiator 40 80 120 160 200 240 Water Cooling Block for Liquid Water Cooler Match Refrigeration

bag. gril, block cooling

Gtx770 Asus

Coarse thread. Wholesale n connector. Processor. 61x61x12mm. Jpegs controller. Firstd. Gigabyte rx480. 100mm fans. Ew3010b5v2p-b-2e. 14cmx14cm. For intel. Copper heatpipe 120*10*4mm. Dell inspiron fan. Style 2: 922 stars. 2.2cfm. Heat sink. 30x10mm. 


Gigabyte aorus rx580. Compatible with club 3d r7 265 r9 270x. 5.5 cm. Adn512ub-a90. Ew4015s12v2p2.5-1e. 4 pin/3 pin. Increased functionality for printing soft and flexible filaments. Usb connector. 15 17x g9. Led light: High quality plastic. Co0144. C-136c. Conduct conductive rubber. Afb1212sh. 

15w Flashlight

T128010sm. Acer 5742 g. Dc gdt3007s12v2p2.0 10d. 75cfm. 800-2000rpm. 0.3mm/0.5mm//0.8mm/1mm/1.2mm. 800~1800rpm±10%. 100 mm. Fan interface: 0~12v dc and 0~6a395*121.5*38mm. Naniluo 12025. Material type: 30mm ball fan. Dell inspiron 5447. Custom: 90*90*15mm. 180 days

Silicone Oil

Wholesale heatsink vga. Scy70713103. Full platform or am4 version. With silicone sealing ring. Apace design. Transparent black. Pld08010s12h. Disk case hard. Cpu heat sink fan. Accelero xtreme iii. Waterproof cable. Max300l / h. Current : Pc computer fan. V.t.v electric motor. 60*60*20mm. Wholesale 24v fan centrifugal. Fujifim x100. Wholesale 40mm 12v fan. 

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