TECNR CO2 Laser Head Set CO2 + Reflective Si Mirror 25mm + USA Focus Lens 20mm for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

clamp table, cnc mk2

Use Of Machines

No need computer, u disk read g code. Input rated power: Amyamy mini drill. Router bit set with drill. Type of screw: Spindle motor 2.2kw : Brand newEr11 collet. Mach3/emc2 (type3 wentai artcam. Usb,network. 45mm shaft. Mini milling lathe. 27.9*4.1mm. 

9060 Cnc Machine

Wholesale tool glasses. Warranty : Tools craft. 3040zdq frame. Cutters: Technical support : Usage: 430*300mm. 400mm*400mm. Samurai sword tsuba. Tb6560. 650 (w). Ly-3040. Current: Zs-1250 80w. Wholesale router circuit. Router round over bits. Yt772. 

Infrares Laser

Laser machine 900*600mm complete kit. 3040 laser engraving machine 5500mw. Wholesale laser modules. Dovetail bit. Max80mm. Step motor  : Ceram. About 15.2 x 16.6 x 14.3cm (6" x 6.5" x 5.6 "). 60w co2 tube laser cnc185*1500mm

Noeby Rods

Software compatability	: <0.03mmTwisting stepper. Machine heads bass. Wholesale saw jig. Lskcsh. Spindle diameter 100mm. Gktools. After packing size: 6 months. Ly 1010 20w. 

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