PCD Black Professional Eyebrow Micro Tattoo Ink Set Lips Microblading Permanent Makeup Pigment Colorfastness 1 Piece

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Cosmetics Asian

Size: : Ld-lwjp26. High-graded tattoo ink. Wholesale japanese lips. Ld-fz33. Pcd inks. Alloy. J01-12. Eyebrow stick. With 12 colors for choose. 

Tattoo Professional Set

Artist ink. Cl-055. Ideal for lip pre-tattoo :Lj-ti-007. Biotouch ink. 7 bottle/lot. Jetting. 10grams/bottle. Wholesale boma.ltd refill ink. Perfecting makeup. Style-1: Half and container. 400605. From usa. Makeup brushes jessups. Sku(gray): Tattoo needle015. 

50 Pen

Micro pigmentation. Canon bulk ink. Permanent makeup. 1 color /set. Usage : 400924. Wholesale toner color powder. 100% brand new. Wholesale stencil for painting. Permanent makeup pigment / micro pigment/ cosmetic colors. Eyelash 7ml. Blue-401181. Ytn-dro. 

Wholesale Topped

2bottles/lot. Embroidery tattoo inks. Tattoo accessories/tattoo supplies. 900207. Ti-a02. Power supply tattoo. Gel pen refills. Tattoo eyebrow ink. Free gift: : Rose red,real red,pink mauve. Statesman wm. Holding tattoo ink / pigment. Usage: Permanent makeup pigment inks. Paint body. Mixing. Tattoo ink cups. Bloodline tattoo ink. 

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